Who can participate in a Derekh Retreat?

Adults who are interested in intensive Jewish learning and are seeking to enrich their lives. 

When is the Derekh Retreat in 2018?

The first Derekh Retreat will be held September 26-29, 2018 in partnership with Hevreh of Southern Berkshire, the Reform Congregation in Great Barrington, MA. 

Where will I stay during the retreat?

Participants will have a choice of hotels and inns in the Great Barrington area, including one within walking distance of the temple.

What are the fees for the Derekh Retreat?

The early bird registration fee will be $575.

After August 15, the regular registration fee will be $675.

The registration fee will cover all program materials, and communal meals.

The cost for the hotel will be in addition to the registration fee and based on your hotel or inn selection. 

Shabbat only (Shabbat morning through Seudat Sh’lishit) $36
This is designed for local residents who are only able to join us during the day on Shabbat from Hevreh of Southern Berkshire and the Berkshire Minyan.

What is a Limud?

A limud is a study session taught by a faculty member from a rabbinical and cantorial seminary or a secular university. There will be approximately 7 hours of limud study.

What is a Chug? 

A chug is a two session class taught by local rabbis, cantors and specialists.

Arrival and Departure

Participants should plan to arrive at Hevreh of Southern Berkshire between 3:00 and 5:00PM on Wednesday September 26. We will begin our gathering with a welcoming ritual and dinner at 5:30PM. 

Programming will conclude on Saturday night after the evening program and Havdalah. Participants will be able to travel home before Simchat Torah/Sh’mini Atzeret (Sunday evening).

Travel Information

  1. Driving: You can find directions on the Hevreh of Southern Berkshire’s website (www.Hevreh.org.) 
  2. Air: If you are flying, you have two options:
    1. Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT — please arrive before 2:00PM on September 26 and schedule your departure for after 11:00AM on Sunday, September 30. 
    2. Albany Airport in Albany, NY–please arrive before 2:00PM on September 26 and schedule your departure for after 11:00AM on Sunday, September 30.

We will arrange for transportation from the airports. There will be an additional cost which will be dependent upon the number of people whom we are transporting to and from the temple.


  1. A Tanach (recommended)
  2. For Shabbat, please bring whites to wear as we welcome Shabbat.
  3. Comfortable clothing (and a sweater the Berkshires can be cool in the evening)


All meals are kosher style and vegetarian offerings will be available at all meals. We will do our best to accommodate food allergies and special requests (vegan, gluten free, etc)

Snacks (healthy and chocolate) will be available through out the gathering. 


Shabbat at Derekh is a day of joy, relaxation and spiritual harmony—a definite change of pace from the other days. We welcome Shabbat with songs and prayers, special food and celebration. A variety of learning opportunities including Torah discussion augment Shabbat study. There will be time for a leisurely walk, meditation and even a Shabbat nap, followed by the s’udah sh’lishit (third meal). Shabbat ends with Havdalah and an evening program.

Please bring Shabbat whites to welcome Shabbat.

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